Thursday, 26 September 2013

fake bliss, our apology's made

top - bkk // cap - supreme // shoes - dr martens // bag - h&m // lipstick - mac's strikingly fabulous

Vintage shirts have always been my thing, even though people think i'm strange and my mum thinks that I dress like a grandmother, I like them. I wish I owned a whole closet full of vintage looking tops i'll just wear them everyday with my gold chain and look like a 80s gangster all day errday.

School has been a pain in the ass, with mid terms coming up and me absolutely clueless about anything related to accounting, I have a feeling i'm fucked. Whoever said uni was easier than JC, I suggest you take that back.

xx Leah


  1. I'm just absolutly in love with your style and your blog!
    xx :)

  2. really cool look!