Monday, 7 October 2013

i live for the high till I’m free falling

top - drop dead // shoes - unif // bag - sister's // lipstick - diva by mac

I know I haven't updated in over a week, but mid terms are getting to me and I didn't really want to upload a halfhearted mediocre post. (not like this isn't one but give me some credit i'm trying here) I was really demoralized after I finished one paper I had on saturday because I panicked and needless to say, threw all my marks down to where i'd like to burn the stupid fucking paper up to bits. (inner turmoil) you know that feeling when you actually know the answers but you fuck up big time and now you're just hoping everyone's going to do as bad as you so the bell curve drops? yep thats me. So, I hope that explained the disappearance for awhile.

As I'm writing this post i'm procrastinating to study for my other mid term this wednesday, so I should get going I guess. Study hard guys, for your O's and A's and what not you have. See you back on this space soon. That is, if I don't murder myself over my financial accounting paper this wednesday.

xx Leah

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