Friday, 21 November 2014

when the waves are crashing against your heart

top - f21 // disco shorts - american apparel // kimono - h&m // shoes - jeffrey campbell // headpiece - online

Is it me or I just never stick to promises when it comes to updating my blog. Apologies, I honestly have too many things going on with school but i'm trying I suppose. Decked out in one of the most boho-ish slash gypsy slash witch inspired outfits I had. 1, because it was halloween and I didn't official have a costume so I suppose I had to make do with whatever I could find in my closet (basically me either being a witch / hobo u choose) and 2, because I MET JENN IM and ofc I had to look some what strange (in hopes she would notice me l o l)

Met Stephanie as well and I have to say they are amazing and so sweet in person. I literally was about to burst into tears because Jenn (yes omg Jenn) laughed at me fangirling over her. Could not control myself and I was like trying to be as calm as possible so I didn't look like a completely idiot in front of them both gosh.

I don't have much to say here because I don't want to sound like i'm in love with her or anything (even though some times I do think I am) but I'm so glad to say that i've been watching her for like five years now? omg wow, but yeah that's legit how long i've spent dreaming about when I would actually see her in person, and now that I have, it's really a dream come true (inserts many emoji kawaii eyes here).

Well enough of my rambling, so here's more photos of this gorgeous girl heh.

xx Leah

Monday, 3 November 2014

highhaels x thestylemafia

top - c/o the stylemafia // shorts - taiwan // shoes - jeffrey campbell // bag - nike // hat - h&m

dress - c/o thestylemafia // kimono - h&m // hat - h&m // shoes - same as above // necklace - f21

shirt - c/o thestylemafia // tee - us versus them // bag - nike // bucket - stussy // shoes - janoskis max

Something I've been looking forward to share with you guys would be my new collaboration with thestylemafia! I've been a customer since way back, five years ago and their customer service and collections have never failed me. Decided that it would be great to do a collab with them through a lookbook / giveaway. Their pieces are definitely something worth investing in and aren't usually what you can find when you shop at other local blogshops and that's what I feel makes them stand out from the otherwise (in my opinion, boring) local market. Maybe most shops are just not my style but I think the reason why I always go back to their site is because the clothes they offer are definitely more eccentric and unique.

And they very kindly agreed to do a giveaway in lieu of this collaboration so (whoop) good news for you guys. The rules are simple so no worries.

You can stand a chance to win the sporty knitted crop top i'm wearing in the first look by simply following the criteria:

1. following @shopthestylemafia and @mizchiefmagik on instagram
2. liking and sharing this post on my facebook page (add me first though) the link to my facebook is also on my sidebar!

And that's basically it. I know, it's soooooooo troublesome to go follow everyone blah blah, but it's free guys, c'mon. And i'll pick a winner by random so no need to stress about writing some lame comment (we all know we don't mean whatever we say when we write these things, we just say want they want to hear am I right).

So go on and the deadline for this giveaway would be next week Monday 17th of November!!!! Good Luck.

And do check out for more cool stuff

xx Leah