Tuesday, 17 September 2013

kiss me hard before you go

 top - friend's // skort - bkk // jacket - h&m // shoes - new balance // cap - stussy // necklace - h&m

Haven't got around to blogging after my birthday week so sorry my blog is so dead. I tend to indulge when it comes to my birthday by extending its duration for the entire week and not just the day. Okay, maybe not the entire week but at least the whole weekend. Thanks to all my amazing friends who made everything happen and the surprise was the best part as well. I'm blessed to have such close friends in my life. And also thanks to someone, who went to like five celebrations with me, didn't complain and bought me very expensive sports shoes out of his very (broke) pocket and surprised me with a whole lot of things I didn't expect. I'm really lucky to have you too. (happy now? but I mean it)

Hm, i'm thinking about redoing my hair and getting it back to purple next week, should I? I'm not sure if I want to go purple or pink yet. Let me know through my ask.fm! Have a good week ahead guys.

xx Leah

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