Monday, 1 July 2013

you're the one who could've been

top - HUF // five panel - HUF volley in wine // shorts - bkk // shoes - new balance 966s // bag - thestylemafia

Say hello to my new balance american flag red white and blue shoes. Hell yes I've wanted them since I saw the girl at PVS wearing them. Too bad they were out of stock in store so I moped around for months till my friend went to Bangkok and helped me get em. Super happy with these things, plus my mum for once likes them. So... I guess owning three pairs of new balance should be illegal (to prevent me from buying any more of them) but what can you do when they are just soooooo pretty. I still want them korea edition new balance in the bright blue with turquoise and pink soles/stitching. BUT I AM BROKE. and my money is now going to be spent on more 'practical' things like clothes for uni which I so desperately need. So no more unnecessary heels or shoes unless they're on sale of course. But seriously.... when do I ever take my own advice anyway.

Have a good week ahead you guys, and hopefully your monday hasn't been a full load of shit like mine has. So yep. xo.

xx Leah

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