Tuesday, 2 July 2013

someone save the sweet embrace

dress - bkk // bag - h&m // choker - thecobrashop // shoes - glitter dr martens // lipstick - mac's dubonnet

Wow... I really need to up my standard poses when I take shots. No joke. It was so painful to edit and select which photos to upload because they all freaking looked the same. Good job Leah. So, wore this when I went to my friend's house just for a chill session and then for Father's day dinner in the evening. I've been on the hunt for a dress like this since I don't know.... a year ago? maybe? I'm not too sure. But thank god I finally found it for a steal price at Bangkok. And turns out i'm actually wearing the dress back to front, because the cut out is supposed to be at the back but I don't give a shit, I like it in front.

My hair is at its /faded/ stage and I really want my blue-turquoise ends back but I guess the green it faded to is pretty nice as well. So i'm going to live with it for a couple more weeks. Going to get a new colour in before uni starts!!!! What colour should I dye it..... hm.

xx Leah

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