Thursday, 20 June 2013

take my hand and reload, this is free love

bralet - topshop // jacket - online // shorts - topshop // shoes - unif cross trainers // lipstick - macs diva

So, some times I get lazy and don't blog for a week.... Yeah. I'm sorry. But i've been at my dad's place during the holidays and I forgot to bring my laptop over so I couldn't edit photos and what not. This is a reeeealllly long overdue post (as if emphasizing really wasn't enough) but at least I got around to doing it. Now i'm back at my mums and I'll find more time to edit. Work in July is going to be pretty chill because I decided to take more days off to relax before uni starts. Those of you guys in Singapore please take care because the weather is fucked up and the haze is making it so hard to breathe. Stay indoors and drink more water alright! My bkk posts will be up after my Korea posts are done, i'm taking ages I know. And since I've come back the number of things I have bought is insane. My new jeff camps are here and so are my yru qozmo's. Maybe i'll do a shoe post, one day, if I get around to it...... hm.

xx Leah

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