Thursday, 23 May 2013

it's like you were my favourite drug

bralet - topshop // skirt - online somewhere // shoes - dr martens // bag - thestylemafia // necklace - c/o goldenpixiedust // lipstick - mac's solefully rich

Reason one why I love these photos is because my hair looks freaking amazing. Not actually talking about my ridiculous hair tying skills but the colour oh my god I'm still in love with how it turned out. I just remembered that when I took these shots, that morning I spent a good half an hour drawing my fucking eyeliner. I mean how is that even possible. My already dwindling-down-to-nothing make up skills has failed me again. I can't even describe the annoyance I feel every single time I get one right but the other horribly wrong. Maybe its just me and my non existent coordination skills. #allmizchiefnomagik as quoted from the best of friends I have. You know who you are, bitches.

Anyway, my work for this week is finally over and I'm going to enjoy this upcoming weekend, hopefully. Hope you guys have a decent one too.

xx Leah

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  1. Glad you're gonna have fun this weekend. Also, I love the outfit, you're a natural on camera Leah! x