Friday, 24 May 2013

seoul day four ; dongdaemun

top - topshop // jacket - thestylemafia // jeans - online // shoes - dr martens // bag  - topshop // lipstick - macs dubonnet

So I realized I haven't update my Seoul photos in ages, and I guess scrolling through my album made me seriously miss Korea..... so here's a photo diary I guess. Travelling along the pretty streets of Seoul and forcing my dad to take millions of photos for me in the freezing cold. Also, losing my glove was a genius move on my behalf. Managed to make a quick trip to SPAO and sneak in a photo or two. I was the happiest girl looking at all the clothes there, too bad I only had enough money to buy myself a hoodie but it was a good buy in the end. Sigh. I really want to go back to korea, one week was definitely not enough. And I also seriously miss my purple hair omg it was the perfect shade of purple/lilac in korea dang it.

xx Leah

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