Tuesday, 23 April 2013

If I lose myself tonight it'll be you and I

on me: top - stussy // chain - h&m // shoes - unif cross trainers // lipstick - macs dubonnet 
shawn's: top - huf swap meet // shoes - new balance 373's // cap - benny gold

So we went all out with our brands like two weeks ago when we went clubbing at zouk. I swear, shawn texted me saying I should wear this exact top with my new unifs to club, and I was already wearing them preparing to head out. We have such good style telepathy for real. As always, it was dark and I apologize for the shitty quality. But I loved this look too much I had to upload. I'm so into guys clothes now its not even funny. My snapback / five panel collection is seriously growing......

Well, look out for updates tomorrow! Its a good thing that I end work early.
(Yes i'm wearing shorts in the photos oh god, I forgot to clarify)

xx Leah