Thursday, 18 April 2013

Just free my soul and turn me on

top - topshop // jeans - sisters // shoes - dr martens // bag - thestylemafia // snapback - obey // lipstick - macs diva

The other day I headed to town with Shawn, and guess what the hell I stumbled across. The fucking unif cross trainers. I kid you not I was fucking over the moon when I found them because they were sold out everywhere in the black in my size. I legit took out my card and was like fuck this I'm buying these bad boys. I couldn't leave them behind. And now they can't get off my feet. BEST BUY OF THE ENTIRE MONTH BITCHES. They got 180 likes on instagram lol fuck yeah because they're UNIF and I can't describe how freaking perfect they are I swear. Worth every fucking cent. And check out my HUF weed socks oh goddddd they are amazing. My friend was wearing the lime green x black ones and they looked sickkkkk. Plus his huf shirt and everything. My most stylish guy friend right there.

I shall resume proper blogging soon, no more one week breaks (that's what I always say) till then.

xx Leah


  1. Beautiful outfit I love it! Your style is amazing! I always see your pictures on Tumblr with like over 400 notes ^.^

    Tyra xxx

    1. Hey babe! Thanks for the lovely compliment!! <3 really? I have never seen my photo on tumblr though! Could you link me? (: