Monday, 4 March 2013

cause that truth hurts and those lies heal

top - topshop // disco pants - AA // shirt - flea // shoes - new balance // cap - modparade

I don't know how many times you've seen variations of this outfit on my blog or instagram but its my pretty much 'go to' kind of outfit. Crop top + Jeans + Sneakers with any kind of checkered oversized flannel. Seriously, in all honesty, I have to find a guy with some decent fashion sense so I can steal all his shirts and wear them instead of hunting online in the men's category or even going to men's sections in stores to look for cheap buys. Avoiding judging looks from sales staff would be a decent plus.

Completely irrelevant and off topic to this post was that above paragraph but anyway, me and Mervelle decided to do a photoshoot (on the same day as the post below) and so i dressed up and dragged her out of my house to take a couple -coughs-not-really-more-like-a-hundred- photos. Which all turned out pretty good I suppose. It was fun and ridiculously embarrassing but I decided fuck everything and people's opinions. As if my dressing isn't enough, the fact that I was blonde and posing in front of a camera in the middle of the road was indeed attracting some peoples attention. Hm. Not discreet at all nope.

It was a good day though, and I was satisfied with the quality of the photos so all my thanks goes to my cutie Mervelle who stood under the burning sun with me. And no, its not at all impractical to wear a hoodie and a shirt. Not at all I tell you.

xx Leah


  1. Omg looove your cap, cool look <3

  2. This look is AMAZING! how are you not totally famous? i love it

  3. Love it! I really want my naval piercing done too!

    Tyra xxx