Monday, 25 February 2013

i'm a blonde bitch / golden pixie dust

necklace and bracelet c/o - goldenpixiedust

Wow, the number of shots I took just for this is ridiculous but my friend kindly offered (or more like she didn't have a choice) to take photos for me. This gorgeous necklace and hamsa hand bracelet was sponsored to me by goldenpixiedust! If you haven't heard of them, seriously you need to check their website out. Because they have super affordable accessories up on their site.

I'm absolutely in loveeeee with the necklace I was sent. Its the spikes + the gold and gems that makes it like amazing. I've worn it out a couple of times already and it compliments so many of my outfits. And its only like $8.50. I'm freaking serious. Its like the prices at the flea always held at scape?! SUPER GOOD DEAL I SWEAR.

Their items are all like $10 and below, a bargain especially for those of ya'll schooling. I mean, why not spend just $10 on a pretty necklace / bracelet instead. They have a whole range of items to choose from, be it collar tips, bracelets and rings you name it.

Plus, the postage and everything was super quick and the owner is the nicest ever. Defo worth the money. So seriously guys check them outttttttt!

Oh and this is just a plus but..... if you haven't already seen from my above photos or my instagram, I'm blonde. Well, more like ash-blonde with a tinge of green but omfg I'm so in love with my hairrrrrrr. My family absolutely detests it but hey, I love it so who gives a fuck.

Here's a bunch of photos from my instagram! (@mizchiefmagik) Oh and I'm wearing the necklace in the second photo!! The last photo I just took today with Mervelle who shot this for me as well as another outfit so thanks b if you're reading this.

Hehe, so in love with my new hair you guyyyyyys. Tell me if you think it suits me / if you like or don't like it.

xx Leah

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