Tuesday, 12 February 2013

seoul visual diary day three ; lotte world

top - flea // leather jacket - pull & bear // jeans - topshop // shoes - converse

So basically Korea day three was spent at Lotte World. If you don't know what on earth that is then its an indoor theme park. Well most of it anyway. There was an outdoor area with all the cool rides like the gyrodrop, yeah the ones that bring you all the way to the top and then make you freak the fuck out when they drop you all of a sudden. But it sucks because the day we went, it was -10, so most of the rides were closed. Me and my sister though, being idiots, decided to queue in the cold for a roller coaster which was underground. omfg let me tell you we froze for like legit 1 hour out there. And if you can't tell I wasn't exactly dressed for the weather. I only had a thermal, plaid shirt and leather jacket to survive and to make things worse I wasn't wearing socks, smart. So my toes froze to bits and I was so numb. Turns out the ride wasn't even that great. f our lives.

 We then proceeded to queue two hours for the best indoor roller coaster there, which was good, but two fucking hours for a one and a half minute ride. uh.... not exactly the best pay off yeah. It was fun though, and I managed to go ice skating when we left the theme park. So that was a plus at least for me because I loveeeee skating. That was it mostly haha.

Hope you like looking at the photos. Editing this post made me miss Seoul a hell lot. Honestly, the fact that I love everything Korean is seriously a problem, what an unhealthy obsession tsk.

xx Leah

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