Saturday, 9 February 2013

dripping in fake chanel

top - flea // shirt - thestylemafia // socks - topshop // creepers - flea // bag - topshop // shades - flea // lipstick - mac's dubonnet

What up. So whenever I get the chance I'll ask my mum to photograph me because one (coughs) I have no one to photograph my outfits (cough-please-volunteer-services-thanks) and two, she takes the best photos because she knows the angle I want. Usually I'll just shove my camera to whoever is willing to take my photos, my friends / family. But my mum does it the best. My dad is ridic, he just tries to act like a professional and take a billion and one shots per second, which all come out as expected, blur.

And because I'm shameless, I do ask people to take my photos for me. I always get questions from my friends going like 'Who on earth takes all your #ootd photos for you' Answer is, everyone pretty much.

Seriously, I have to find a friend who's a photography expert, I need good shots... Hm. Anyway, I've just woken up from my 12 hours of sleep I totally needed bc I was out the whole of Friday and only back at 8am on Saturday morning, and I had work at 11am... Smart I know.

For all those celebrating CNY, happy new year to you all. Enjoy all the $$ you're going to get and I shall sit here, BITTER, because even though I'm half chinese, I don't get shit.

xx Leah


  1. you got the best mom ever! haha and i want that shirt! ^ ^

    1. Haha yeah she is seriously the best!!! Ahhh you should totally get it omg they have like tons of the 'fake' chanel shirts! I keep seeing them!

  2. Hey are you planning to sell the daisy outerwear!?? :)

  3. U are pretty! :)

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