Friday, 22 February 2013

gravity hurts, but you made it so sweet

top - thestylemafia // disco pants - AA // shoes - jeffrey campbell coltranes // snapback - hater // bag - h&m // lipstick - macs rebel

Valentines, valentines. My outfit for my date with Corinne which consisted of eating and shopping and my uncontrollable spending habits. Had a lovely day just chilling with her because I told myself I shall not make a big deal out of valentines day. This was on the 13th though, so pre vday I guess. But on the 14th I was about to murder every single girl that walked past my workplace with balloons / flowers / whatever extravagant gift available. So bitter. But Corinne surprised me a few days later with a flower which I shamelessly took a photo with on instagram. She's the best.

Well aside from that, this is what happened on the 13th/14th morning. I went clubbing with Kim after that so here's a bunch of photos I took with my phone.

xx Leah


  1. wait WHAT why is this only the first time I've ever been to your blog? OMG. IT IS SO GOOD. You have such cool style!! I love your boots so much ok.

    1. Your blog is like freaking amazing too I swear. I love your style as well babe, I want all your clothes omfg. hahaha thanks for leaving the loveliest comment ever <3