Sunday, 27 January 2013

yes sir, i'm one of a kind

top, blazer, shorts - runwaybandits // shoes - jeffrey campbell soiree // lipstick - mac's dubonnet 

I did not mean to wear everything from the same shop, it kind of just happened and I didn't notice till I started writing this post to be honest. One of my more 'high fashion-sophisticated' looks that I wore for Ethel's birthday awhile back. I have no clue why but this look now has 99 likes on instagram. omfg. one more to a 100. I haven't actually hit 100 likes before so it'll probably be a big thing to me of course.

Anyway this is going to be a really short post because I don't have many more pictures to accompany it. I'm probably heading out later since its my day off today. So hope ya'll have a great monday and an awesome week ahead.

xx Leah

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