Tuesday, 15 January 2013

we're beautiful like diamonds in the sky

top - topshop // skirt - thestylemafia // shirt - flea // bag - h&m // shoes - jeffrey campbell coltranes // lipstick - mac's rebel

I haven't actually followed up with my resolutions, as you can see from the /week worth/ of late posting. I have a job if you don't know, and its a full time job, hence why I have so little spare time to edit. Let alone drag my tired ass home and turn on my 10 year old, I kid you not, desktop to reluctantly type up this post. Well not reluctantly... I want to post its just some times I am just waaaaaay out of it when I get home at 11pm and have work at 10am the next day.

Took this at least two weeks or a week and a half ago when I had my first day off after new years! Used one of the photos for my header if you didn't notice already. The shirt i'm wearing I actually cut off the fringing, which it previously had, to make it into a crop top. Because I knew I wasn't going to wear fringe ever again for a long long time. This was like topshop 2010? I don't know but i'm glad I did.

And good news is that since I have morning shifts more often than not I'll be able to at least upload once a week if not more. so stay tuned xx.

Btw thanks to my sweetie meredith for linking my blog on hers, click here to check out her blog and a sneak of my outfit post which will be up in a few days! Promise.

xx Leah