Friday, 18 January 2013

seoul day two ; stumbling along myeongdong

collared top - runwaybandits // sweater - mums // jacket - whatisdope // disco pants - american apparel // boots - dr martens // bag - h&m //  lipstick - mac's dubonnet 

So visual diary part two of my korea trip. I just realized that on this day I took most of my photos with my Iphone hence the size, I hope you don't mind. It was pretty gorgeous along myeongdong with all the shops and even though it was freezing and I kept running into shops for warmth.

Basically what I did in point form.

  • breakfast
  • took the subway down to myeongdong
  • took a whole bunch of random photos at the most random and inconvenient times along the street. Obviously not giving two shits about people.
  • Had this really good like lunch where they cooked the beef on the spot for you and yes seafood pancakes!!!
  • shopped around, especially in the beauty shops
  • walked into the face shop and legit freaked out like the ridiculous fangirl I was when I saw that they had the exo posters up from when they did the promo.
  • So me being extremely excited, whipped out my iphone and tried to secretly (because idk why but in korea all the shops were so uptight about taking photos) take photos of it which turned out pretty bad.
  • more random photos of my face
  • went back to the hotel around eight or nine and noticed the pretty lights that were put up at the back of the hotel!!!
Pretty much a detailed summary of what I did.

By the way, went clubbing on wednesday because it was ladies night and omfg best virgin (I know i'm really slow okay...) club experience ever with Kim! Just 4 hours of dancing the night/morning away. Had the time of my life. Too bad I only had 5 hours of sleep before I had to get up for work the next day. Sigh.

Hope ya'll have an amazing rest of the week.

xx Leah

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  1. oh martens are best shoes ever! hahaha! xx