Sunday, 6 January 2013

welcome to 2013

top - shopskinned // pants - AA disco pants // jacket - thewhatisdope // shoes - docs // bag - topshop // lipstick - rebel by mac //

Wow my first post in the new year! I'm so behind on outfit posts but hey I've been working like non-stop since December so pardon my lateness. Basically what i wore a really long time ago when i went out with my cutie, Marie.

This post is going to be a New Years Resolution post basically. On the things I want and hope to accomplish and work my procrastinating ass off to get.

  1. To get fit (isn't this at the top of everyone's list?!) and not be a bum
  2. Post more regularly (i'm trying... really) and take more 'tumblr-worthy' shots
  3. To repay my mum after i've worked because shes given me a hell lot
  4. Definitely to be more generous to the less fortunate
  5. Learn how to sew my own clothes
  6. Once I do that, try and start up my own shop.
  7. Hopefully gain more than a 100 followers on my blog!! (please make my dreams come true lol)
  8. update my tumblr with more gifs of korean men, don't you dare judge me.
  9. Take dance lessons at O'school when I have enough money
  10. Get out of my comfort zone when I get into Uni and join something I would have never taken up before.
  11. Learn how to play my damn guitar
  12. Live my life with no regrets at all and take up on all the opportunities that come my way.
Well 12 resolutions, that I hopefully accomplish by the end of 2013, not likely but hey I can try. Anyway hope you all have a lovely new year and forget everything in the past if its been horrible and focus on a positive new start!!!!

xx Leah


  1. Your style is super cute! I'm now following you. check out my blog and my shop

    1. ah thank you so much for the follow babe xx checking out your blog as I type this!

  2. super chic outfit :) and good luck with your resolutions :) and all the best for this year x

    1. aww thank you sweet pea. all the best with 2013 for you too! xx

  3. love your style! and your hair

  4. ur style is amazing babe! love it so much! went through so much of ur outfit posts!

    xoxo, Eliza

    1. aww thanks so much babe!!! Its always nice to know people go through my posts it means alot! xx followed you! you have great style too.