Saturday, 1 December 2012

venice beach and palm springs, lol no jk

top - o-mighty // jeans - online // bag - h&m // shoes - glitter dr martens // beanie - h&m

Well hello, let me just clarify that i have not been updating as much as i'd hope to because long story short, I lost the wire to connect my camera to the computer. Hence why i could not upload these photos. Plus I had mega withdrawal symptoms from my concert I kid you not.

This was before my A levels actually ended, which btw are over now, and I headed out to meet my friend because thats what you do when you have 1 week to study for your mcq paper. Hah. Don't do that guys. Pretty casual outfit but I decided why not upload the photos since I took them anyway.

I've been actually really busy after A's ended with friends and errands to run for my overseas trip as well as getting things for prom. I've yet to dye my hair, hopefully i'll get that done soon. Oh as well as look for a job which i'm dreading but hey, those shoes, cough /hellbounds/ cough, ain't going to pay themselves.

My mum has really been the sweetest though she has got me so many things the past month. Including the new iphone 5 as a christmas gift so thank you mummy. Hope your week has been great. Till i update this space again...

xx Leah

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