Wednesday, 21 November 2012

sk8r girl

top - flea // skirt - topshop // bag - h&m // beanie - h&m // shoes - dr martens // sunnies - flea

Well hello there I am back from my extremely long break which i took to study. And thankfully, most of my exams are over with the exception of one so I took the chance to head out and get some things done. I basically was getting stuff ready for my concert which is happening this friday. Yes i know, my exams aren't even over and I have no idea why i'm even going to watch this but, I can't miss it. Sorry you probably don't know but I kinda have a guilty please. K-pop. 

Yeah, and i'm going for a Kpop concert this friday. Don't even judge me but I've been into this for like 3 years now? The amount of money I spend on it could actually buy me a whole new wardrobe, I'm not even joking. But I like it so, lets leave it as that shall we.

I spent yesterday celebrating the ending of all our written papers by heading out and catching Pitch Perfect with my classmates which was hilarious. We headed out and played some pool and hung out before heading back. I seriously can't wait to do this more often. Once my exams are officially offer, watch me go wild.

xx Leah

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