Sunday, 2 December 2012

hell to the yes

top - younghungryfree // skirt - topshop // clutch & shades - thestylemafia // shoes - converse //

This was from last week actually, when all I did was go to church on sunday and then bury my head in books. I really liked the skirt i was wearing I got it in the topshop sale for like $30. I just realized this is the second post where I have palm tree / tropical printed items on. Its kind of an obsession. Yes, my feelings for all things summery and 'california/L.A-esque' are never ending.

My mum told me that i would have loved to be born in the 80's and frankly speaking, I think i would. What with all their highwaisted everything and neon skin tight clothes. I'd be rolling in happiness. Too bad though. Because if I wear anything close to outrageous that screams 'freak of nature' it would be the death of me.

Prom is on tuesday!!!! And i'm probably dying my hair tomorrow so check out my instagram and what not for hair updates. oh god i pray it turns out okay.

xx Leah


  1. i love your style dear :)

    following you <3

    1. thank you so much dear <33 your style is amazing too!