Thursday, 6 December 2012

roadside rebel

velvet dress - topshop // jacket - thestylemafia // belt - mums // shoes - converse // bag - topshop // lipstick - rebel by mac // sunnies - thestylemafia

If it doesn't look like i just fell down on the road and ripped up my tights I have no clue how the hell i look. According to my friend who saw my post on instagram, she thought i fell. I told her it was the look. Well, it wasn't intentional that i felt like sitting down and taking photos, but it was coincidental to say the least.

I am finally back from my three day break of partying and what not which happened after prom. What surprised me the most was that two days ago, deandri & envi shoes uploaded a photo from my blog onto their instagram and mentioning me in their post. Hold up. Let me just die for a second there because i absolutely love deandri shoes and for them to actually find that photo and upload it to instagram was the best thing that has ever happened to me like ever.

My friends were just like, uh what? when I was smiling to my phone at 10am in the morning. Am I over reacting because I don't think so. So thank you deandri for making me the happiest girl alive for a second there.

Anyway, off to korea on the midnight flight today! Hit me up on instagram and twitter for quick updates. xoxo, love you guys have a great week ahead.

xx Leah


  1. I love your style!
    I hope you like my blog too,lots of love xoxo

    1. thanks for following sweets, glad you liked my blog <3

  2. Cool sunnies! I am following you now. =)))