Wednesday, 19 December 2012

seoul day one

pullover - thestylemafia // shorts - o-mighty // beanie & bag - h&m // shoes - dr martens // tights & socks - topshop // lipstick - mac's rebel

Hi you guys, so this was from Changi Airport in Singapore before I left, and yes i'm wearing ripped tights and socks to Seoul, Korea which was -10 degrees. Yep. totally not a stupid idea. But hey, I was too excited when I reached I was running around in shorts, mind you, at incheon airport yet i didn't feel chilly at all. Left Singapore at around midnight and reached the best place in the world, korea, at about 7am korea time.

So this was when we reached the hotel at like 10am which was super early, so our rooms weren't ready and we headed out to look around the area. It was freeeeezing. I had to swap out my shorts for jeans because I swear I would have died. We only walked a couple of hundred metres out before we turned back because it was so cold and I was only wearing a sweater and my leather jacket.

And after we checked in, my dad's friend brought us out for a traditional Korean meal. Apparently it was the kind of meal for a king. Oh boy did i feel like royalty. The photos did not do anything justice because there were like at least 10 courses. The second last photo, yeah that was only one course. Can you even believe it. And i was stuffed by the end but it was so worth it.

The last photo is a sneak of an outfit post that will hopefully be up by tomorrow. If you can't tell already i've discovered the joys of using photoshop. I have been trying to figure it out for the past three hours how to work the damn thing. But i managed to, in the end, as you can see. So have pretty pictures you guys.

I shall be back tomorrow hopefully, sorry for the lack of posts going up I was exhausted since I came back. But I will make it up to you!

xx Leah


  1. Looks like such a fun trip!!
    I also adore the purple ends of your hair.
    JS xx