Monday, 3 December 2012

heels won't make you bleed, just your wallet

top - shopskinned // shorts - f21 // camo parka - o-mighty // choker - flea // shoes - deandri // bag - topshop //

So i'm quickly updating this page with one of my recent outfits i paraded walked around town in. Surprisingly my feet didn't actually bleed after 6 hours of walking. The shoes were actually quite comfortable to be honest. I'm quite glad I got them because I doubt as many people own these shoes as compared to the litas. Went on a hat spree and bought a beanie and a wide brim hat from h&m. Because who cares what people think. Got myself some kneehigh socks as well, finally. I need a good place to buy thigh high socks though topshop ones are just wayyyy too overpriced. You'll see them in my next few instagram posts when i'm off in korea!

Prom is later so i probably won't be updating for the next few days. Check out my instagram because i'll be updating with my prom dresssssss. oooo exciting. So till then.

xx Leah


  1. omg you look perfect :) Great outfit! check out my blog? If you like it we could follow each other <3

    1. thanks lovely!! I love your blog too you're really gorgeous <3 followed you!