Tuesday, 16 October 2012

old school denim on denim

jacket - whatisdope // creepers - flea // top - h&m // iphone case - h&m //

Old school style with the denim on denim. I remember, I once said to myself, I would never wear denim on top and on the bottom in shades of blue. I hate to admit that I actually really liked how this entire outfit turned out. And always, vamping it up, literally, with a oxblood lipstick.

Speaking of oxblood, i really hate that term. Can't you just call it maroon or burgundy or plum or hey even buffy the vampire slayer red wouldn't sound so bad. What in the actual world is oxblood I mean who came up with that. I can't even bring myself to saying or even trying to say it without sounding like I'm illiterate. They come up for the strangest terms for trends these days.

xx Leah


  1. Vey nice look! And creepers - ooooh i definitly like it! : )