Saturday, 13 October 2012


bralet and socks - topshop // skirt - thestylemafia // shoes - converse // belt - mums

So despite all the studying I still found the time to celebrate one of my best friend's birthday. Happy legal 18th Dee! Anyway, all that aside, my outfit was basically just thrown together in much less time than usual because i was rushing out of the house trying to get to the place on time. The photos were taken on the balcony of the second level of my house, with some help from my sister of course.

I loved the skirt I wore, basically summing up my personality all into one clothing item. And I decided, less was more, so why not just wear a cut off tank top sports bra looking type of top out. My friends are all used to the strange things i wear anyway.

This was such a good break i needed, thank heavens for the lovely friends i have. What would life even be without the people and friends you meet along the way right?

xx Leah


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