Saturday, 6 October 2012

Fierce as Feine


top - modparade // jacket - thrifted // shorts - runwaybandits // creepers // socks - topshop // 
bag - topshop//

Wow at the photo spam I honestly did not know i took that many photos. But I myself enjoy a whole bunch of photos from time to time don't you? Thank you to my lovely friend, Mervelle who took these photos for me without complaining, (i owe you babe) and she's so pretty i convinced her to take an #ootd because she's shy and needs a lil bit of motivation. I think she looks pretty damn cute.

Back to the point of this post, yesterday i was invited to By Feine's launch party which can i just say, was pretty cool. They had a whole bunch of awesome designs and the owners, Elynn and Jody are the coolest. They design and manufacture their own label and everything. Pretty impressive. Go support their online store which just launched their first collection!

I'd let the pictures do the talking, just take a look at the cosmic print bikini, its so rad i love it. Anywho, it was overall a great experience for me. I'd defo do it again.

xx Leah

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