Thursday, 4 October 2012

tropical pixels

top - topshop // jacket - thewhatisdope // disco pants - american apparel // bag - h&m // necklace - runwaybandits // shoes - deandri helgas

So this is a really late post but it took awhile for me to get all the photos up and everything and I apologize for the really bad lighting because I took this during the evening and there wasn't any sun so hence the pixelated photos. Anyway this was the day after I got my deandri helgas (WHOOP) which I will probably do a blog post about once i wear them more, and i absolutely adore them to bits. I caved and finally splurged on them because they are so worth it and despite the height, its extremely comfy.

Also I kept getting strange looks from people around the area because my sister was helping me take the photos and it was all awkward and in the open and obviously people have literally nothing better to do with their lives except poke into other peoples business. What is new, i tend to attract strange looks wherever i go most of the time. Oh and guess what guys i successfully managed to operate the curling iron i bought, after much youtube tutorials and googling, hence the curls. genius aren't I.

I'm such a creep.

xx Leah

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