Tuesday, 18 September 2012

legally 18 part one

dress - tsr / bag - topshop / lipstick - mac dubonnet / earrings - topshop / shoes - steve madden 

so hey this is part 1 of my birthday post. i have a couple more coming up because why not extend my birthday and make it last the entire week am i right? excuse me for looking exceptionally disgusting in half the photos i just can't seem to look nice when the flash is on. let alone when its off. to start off this was on the 14th of september my birthday was the 15th, my classmates surprised me with a birthday cake during break (awwwwwww) i was so touched.

Headed to everything with fries in the evening at holland V because idk it was cool i guess and i was teetering  in my 5inch steve madden shoes which i completely forgot the name of. and i told everyone to dress up but no they decided to wear their uniforms tsk. but i had a really great time just hanging out and stuff and even though we couldn't have a proper party it was still a hell of a lot of fun.

Thank you guys so much for planning this for me and especially lixuan because she spent the most time and insisted on helping so all my love for everyoneeeee. and check out my ariel balloons aren't they just the raddest balloons ever. Ariel's my disney queen bitches.

xx Leah

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