Saturday, 22 September 2012

birthday girl

tie dye maxi - topshop / shoes - topshop vectras / bag - thestylemafia / earrings - f21 / choker - flea / 

So it was my birthday weekend last week and yep this was my birthday outfit on the 15th. all that tie dye and maxi was so rad i had to get it. plus it was practically a bargain since i got it from topshop for a pretty decent price. i loved the studding on the shoulders and i wore my vectras with it because i didn't want to be toppling over in my heels and stomping around for hours till my feet actually bleed.

I had a blast with my girls whom so kindly (after much whining and rolling of eyes when i asked them if they could) photographed this. It was like a unanimous sigh when i asked if they could take my photo but it was all in good fun and i love them too bits. thanks so much all you 5 pretty ladies for spending my birthday with me. It was amazing.

So as usual, pictures will explain. We went to timbre, had a couple of drinks, tried to get me on stage to dance but no way was that happening, the band was amazing and yeah pretty much one hell of a fun day just chilling.

Will try to update as much as possible but no promises. Thanks for all the support lovelies.

xx Leah

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