Sunday, 16 September 2012

checked out in leopard

bralet - topshop / plaid shirt - flea / shorts - whatisdope / shoes - docs / socks - topshop / shades - flea / beanie - h&m

Long overdue post but last week i went for my friend's 18th birthday. idk its just print on print but i don't really care because it looked good in my opinion. oh and the first time i hit 60+ likes on instagram for this look so that was really something. too bad i didn't hit a hundred though but oh well.

We went to marina barrage to basically fly a kite and chill because it was the september holidays and exams were over and all that.

heres a bunch of photos i took over there

it was a great way to end my september holidays i guess. oh and my birthday was ystd the 15th of september. yep so im finally legal after ages! So blessed to have such amazing friends and family that care about me. Birthday photos will be up soon once i edit them and sorts. my shoddy editing but whatevs. hope your week has been as good as mine.

xx Leah

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