Monday, 3 September 2012

i clearly have really poor editing skills

top - asos / skirt - shopskinned / shoes - dr martens / bag - h&m / choker & shades - flea market

so i decided to edit my photos a little before i post them, i still honestly have no clue how i get my photos to look sharp and like flawless but i'll figure it out. maybe i just need to download photoshop but knowing myself i'll probably just murder my entire computer and its ability to function if i do so.

anywho, its the september holidays and while i'm attempting to take a break i'll probably be studying most of the time. what is new.

basically this post is just a casual outfit from yesterday. i was too lazy to chuck on anything. and even though i had to go to church i was basically headed towards my docs because that's all i wear when i can't be bothered with anything else. alright will be back soon. next post will probably be about prom dresses and what not so hope everyone has a great holiday.

xx Leah

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