Sunday, 2 September 2012

disco chick

top - om / shorts - gelliz / denim vest - urban outfitters / bag - h&m / shoes - converse / choker - thecultlabel

so i know i've been really really lacking updates lately but all i can blame are my exams. thank god prelims are over for now so i can at least make a feeble attempt to revive my blog. i'm planning on making this a thing after i finish A levels and all that. so we shall see. anyway, had a lovely outing with my best girls in the world yesterday. my friend told me i looked like a disco chick, i think i'd have to agree.

well i had a great day watching braving and having a rest after working my butt off for more than three months. i still have two months to go before A levels so. i probably won't be on here as much. but hey a girl can try. anyway these are my lovely classmates when we were celebrating teachers day.

hope everyone is having a great week. check out my instagram because i tend to post there more often than not.

xx Leah

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