Thursday, 6 September 2012

classy bitch

bralet - topshop / shorts - pmt / blazer - runwaybandits / shoes - converse / bag - topshop / necklace and shades - flea/

so i'm obviously making full use of my holidays to not study. well actually i do study, at starbucks. and i think i spend more money there than i actually spend on real food. overpriced coffee's a bitch but its good.

i just went shopping and got myself a really unexpected birthday dress from topshop and finally managed to not so willingly spent money on the topshop vectras in white canvas. had a really fun day/date with marie and i went home feeling satisfied with really sore and aching feet from all the walking.

hope the week is going well for everybody, just to mention one of my fav bloggers Larissa Blintz actually liked my photos on instagram. i know. still in shock. but it pretty much made my day. and i really hope she doesn't google herself and find me awkwardly flailing about a like, on instagram. lol i am that much of a freak.

anywho, have a great week.

xx Leah

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