Tuesday, 25 September 2012

because i think wearing blazers and printed pants make me look older

blazer - ashincans (if i'm not mistaken) / pants - gelliz / top - alexander wang (mom's) / shades - flea / shoes - topshop vectras in white / watch - casio / lipstick - mac dubonnet

Well so all these photos were pretty much shot during my birthday week, its just that i'm taking ages to upload them and to edit so don't mind me. Pretty much am in love with these floral pants and i got them on sale for $20 at gelliz when they had their sales. Major bargain right there. And i've had this blazer for absolutely ages already its pathetic. I need a new black one that's way more structured. Need some recommendations or bargains anywhere please.

My dad took me to a restaurant on Dempsey hill that is really well know for their breakfasts only because he said 'You only eat ang moh food, so i can't bring you to a Chinese restaurant (which is where we usually go), see! why you so difficult?!' I'm sorry i guess i'm just really not that Chinese after all. I only found out what 'bazhang' was a couple of weeks back. Bless my soul, being half Chinese seriously doesn't help with anything at all.

xx Leah

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