Thursday, 8 December 2011

Keith's 17th!

 i baked this last night for this idiot okay.

top - valleygirl, shorts - australia, shoes - shopskinned, sunnies - diva, bag - whatisdope, bracelets - sportsgirl and topman.

So today was Keith's 17th!!!! we spent it at marina barrage having a picnic + flying kite session. It was pretty hot and all but other than that it was quite fun, and i was really happppppppy. Went to mbs with jazmen and lixuan after to eat at TWG god knows how much i spent there. the foods really ex but it was good! then we watched the water show thingy before heading home.

I miss my classmates i was so happy i got to see some of them today. can't wait to go out againnnnn.

xx Leah

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