Monday, 5 December 2011

Aussie/Perth Trip Day 1 & 2

Was kinda taking pictures through the window of the car if you were wondering lol.

Hi guys im back!!! so update on the first and second day of my trip. nothing much happened actually. we arrived on monday at like 1am, it was freezing cold outside. well to someone who spends most of her time in a desert aka singapore, it was cold. about 16 degrees? We headed to our service apartment, the somerset, which was pretty decent, and crashed at about 3am.

Woke up the next morning and headed out for breakfast. i was expecting it to be hot in the day but turns out it was pretty cool despite the sun. The breeze was chilly but it was okay. i liked it like that. cool wind + sun = good combo. We had breaks at dome which was a walk away from our place. And let me tell you the food in Perth cost a million bucks i swear. my soup was like $10 australian dollars i mean what even that makes no sense.

But anyway, after breakfast we packed up and drove to Dunsborough, a small city which was about a 3 hour drive from Perth. and i hate sitting in the car for like hours so i wasnt extremely happy but at least there was scenery. And when we reached our chalet in dunsborough, we walked out to their so called 'town' area which was probably like serangoon gardens to be honest, and had a really expensive dinner.

omg and after we left the restaurant, it was pretty dark and some random guys drove up in their car with their windows down and blasting hip hop music i was like wtf, and like they were white guys. so awkward much. i just ignored them but i told my sister that they looked like pimps which they did. And awhile later when we were walking back, they drove past again, and guess what, one of them looked out their window at me and whistled before driving off. i mean what the actual fuck. i was so grossed out to be honest HAHA.

Well that was about it. i guess. i haven't done much since i've been back in singapore except sit in front of the computer and watch vampire diaries all day and fangirl over korean men. Will update with the rest of my trip soon.

xx Leah

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