Sunday, 11 December 2011

All i want for Christmas

So i have a thing for dr martens. so what. i need these bad boys.






Sigh at my shoe obsession. i need at least two for christmas. i know i definitely want the glitter ones. but blake looks so pretty and i actually wanted those because i saw the girl at the dr marts show at OC wearing them. and then i saw someone else wearing the silver 1461. and then i saw the grey distressed triumph ones on the website and now i feel like im going to be taking ages to save for them.

Sigh. i still want my JCs. but my mum says im going to fall over in them which is so not true okay. but docs are so much more practical for singapore and i barely wear heels out anyway. but i so don't mind owning either the jc tardy/litas. but the design for tardy looks awfully like docs tbh. HAHAHA.

well. there goes my wallet. i need to stop spending and start saving asap.

xx Leah

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