Friday, 20 January 2012

sorry for the abrupt break but im back

topshop top (maternity) / topshop shorts / h&m bag / h&m beanie / docs / hazard by topshop lipstick


christmas outfit: topshop dress / topshop bag (two years ago / steve madden dynemite / diva cross necklace / hazard by topshop lipstick

top from thescarletroom / topshop shorts / docs / topman and sportsgirl accessories / diva by m.a.c lipstick

this is going to be a really long post and i know i havent updated since whenever but i've been really busy and too damn lazy to just upload anything. basically, long story short, i moved houses twice, i had crappy internet, school started, and i was lazy lol. pictures speak a thousand words so i'll just list all the things i did in december here.

  • wild wild wet w/ my classmates
  • A&F opening in singapore w lixuan! i went like 3 times and i took 3 polaroids lmao. explains the pictures.
  • out w/ denise for some stock hunting for our blogshop
  • sleepover + swimming w the girls at jeannine's house
  • CHRISTMAS EVE. midnight mass and party.
  • christmas party @ jolian's house and jazmen's birthday
  • kim's 17th birthday.
Pretty much sums up most of what i did. i still have pictures from this year to upload. will do that in another post. for now.

xx Leah

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