Monday, 7 November 2011

Wake up feel the air that i'm breathing

denim vest - online, top - modparade, shorts - topshop, shoes - toms, bag - inspired whatisdope

Today, didn't do much except watch we got married, leeteuk's and sora's one, along with doing more project work. i really can't wait for the 14th of november to be over okay. pure freedom after that.

Anyway since i didn't have dinner at home, went out to eat japanese dinner with wendy!!! super good food for a good price so i was really happy.


And here is my super good beef hot plate. i took a picture once i mixed it how stupid of me.

Probably going to be baking tomorrow so more pictures then. waking up early to run with wendy, gotta go lose some of the fats i gained over the weekend.

xx Leah

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