Saturday, 5 November 2011

Eyes inside your soul

 top - runwaybandits, shorts - topshop

So i'm thinking of selling off these shorts only because i look extremely fat in them and im not losing any weight anytime soon. Sigh. its a pity because i really love them to death. well, we shall see if anyone is willing to buy it or not.

Went to church today w jolian. and i came home and decided to experiment with my tripod and i realised it was quite silly of me because i actually had one and i put it to no use. instead i balances my camera on edges and things like that just to get a decent photo. i am really such an idiot.

Speaking of things that aren't too good for you, look what i found in my fridge.

Mega unhealthy but whatever, i shared it with my sister alright! btw check out my newly created lookbook.

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