Sunday, 24 July 2011

I should take a lesson on photography


f21 floral top | highwaisted jeans |  oxfords from lastbusride | topshop bag | f21 necklace

*pictures from my iphone camera.

So i went down to SAJC for their carnival on my own just to meet up with this special girl vivian. whom i have missed very much. Seems that she hasn't changed abit except now shes just a little bit more boy crazy. and speaking of boys, sajc seems to be populated with hot tan cute boys i was just melting over there not even kidding. but, well, lets just say, i only have one particular one in mind at the moment.

Anyway, had a blast there even though i was dying in the heat over there. no airconditioning + loads of people = nightmare for me. But it was worth it i guess!

Anyway was fiddling with my camera settings just now and was trying to figure out how to improve the quality of the pictures such that they weren't so grainy anymore, and i think, i sort of managed to do that. idk.

No it still looks fuzzy. sigh. i need to go download photoshop and improve my photoshop skills or just get a new camera.

xx Leah

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