Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sick of being poor and cheap.

So, just a random picture i found from awhile back when the students from Bangalore came to visit. Btw, i have a question, how do you get pictures to be so clear? seriously, is it the camera you use, or is it the way you edit the photos in photoshop? Because when i take pictures and upload them to my blog, it doesn't have the same effect. and i really want to know how some people's pictures can turn out like this.

Picture credits to jeangreige.blogspot.com (love her blog)

If anyone reads this post at all, please tell me how on earth you can get your photos to look like that.

Anyway, just checked out 80spurple and i saw a bunch of different things that i saw over there and that i personally love so i just want to share them.

Loving the knitted tops and sweaters that keep popping up out of nowhere. especially if they're cropped because Singapore is literally sweltering, literally. so i can't possibly be wearing that purple ombred sweater around though it'd look really cool.

And i love vintage looking rock tees with prints on them. Seems to be coming back into style nowadays.

And who could pass up another pair of denim highwaisted cutoffs that look gorgeous. They remind me of the topshop ones i have except longer and i'd love to get my hands on these.

 And the oh so necessary nude heel. Love the woven detailing on the bottom, super earthy feel. I think the heel is what i love most about it. i love chunky heels and wedges. i rarely wear thin heels anymore.

And yes, another pair of lace up biker boots to add to my list of 'leather-and-boots'. I mean come on look at the studding on them, they are way cool, and i'd love to rock em, but they're like $334 dollars so. well thats out of the question.

Sigh, always staring at new clothes, never buying.

xx Leah.

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