Saturday, 30 July 2011

When i feel silly.


topshop inspired cardigan - thestylemafia, tank dress - whatisdope

Reasons why i need a macbook pro.
1. Better quality webcam photos
2. HQ screen resolution
3. because i share my desktop with 5 other people in my house
4. i cannot sit in my own room and do my work without people constantly walking past and reading over my shoulder which is my absolute pet peeve.
5. i just need my own computer.

Yeah excuses for me to just want all day long, but never get. my mum is so anal abotu getting me a laptop idek why. she has probably password protected my computer since i was like what, 12? im 17 now. its still the same password. this is so totaly unfair.

yes i know i may sound like a lil bitch but i think im the only one who doesn't have my own laptop at this age, in my class or whatever. my mum said i could get a laptop when im in university. which is one year away good gracious. Sigh. guess i have to be a little more patient. good things come to those who wait.

And maybe, just maybe, i can get myself a new camera, because i honestly can't stand the quality of pictures my camera produces. i just don't even know how to fix it gosh.

Meanwhile this week i've been watching make it or break it, and i'm almost at the end of season one. i started watching on friday. you see how compulsive i can be. but anyway, johnny pacar is so on my hot guys list even though he is thirty. But i mean look at this perfection.

If anyone tries to tell me this man is not a huge ball of hot stuff, i shall declare them are blind. And he is such a bad boy in the show. i swear i love bad boys so much more than good boys. its this thing i have. not only for tv shows, in real life as well. god i don't even know why.

le sigh. gorgeous people.

xx Leah

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