Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Yet another flea market shopping spree and random mugging at starbucks

outfit of the day: rose top - earlgreyparty, ripped hw shorts - whatisdope, bag - mitju, shoes - vans, tights - online.

So, that morning, i had work to do. it was for some kids event, and i had to dance. was quite abit of fun doing it with Lixuan, despite the ground being all gross w the mud and the heat. I earned some $$ from it so thats a plus. After that i brought all my savings and me to go meet denise for the chinatown flea which i blew i think $100 bucks on. but it was quite worth it, i got like 4 clothing items, 2 necklaces and 2 rings. deal or what? maybe i'll post some pictures of what i got soon.

 outfit of the day: top - kandykayne, shorts - f21, cardigan - wonderstellar, rings - flea, bag - springfield.

Pictures taken from my lousy iphone cam.

So ystd i had a study date with my doll shihui over there. was quite productive, despite her making me wait one hour!!!! but other than that, chilling at starbucks w coffee and books is a good thing. i guess.

Haven't been updating quite as frequently as i have exams and all coming up next week so.... gotta get down to mugging! But i was bored awhile ago and i figured i should cut up some of my clothes cuz they were boring and i needed new clothes to wear.

Only did two tops, i think you would have seen the left one before, yeah i cropped it, and i fringed the right one which used to be a long tank that said love, now it just says 'lo' not that i care anyway.

tell me what you think of it!

xx Leah

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