Monday, 11 July 2011

beaches and sunhats


top - supre, shorts - topshop, belt - esprit, slippers - havaianas, bag - jansport, shades - flea

So i finally am done with my exams, woohoo to that. decided to head out after my last paper to go to sentosa w some of my classmates! Mega loads of fun we had, and i had over 370 pictures and i kept deleting em cuz my memory was running out of space

We headed to sentosa on friday, went to the beach, watched some animals, i held a bird, and touched a snake. how cool is that. Not usually into touching animals but what the heck, it was kinda for the experience anyway.

Pardon my outfit, according to my friends i was 'overdressed' but i honestly didn't see anything wrong with it. Sad to say i hate my figure so much that everytime i look at these pictures i feel fat. my legs are horrible i wna just cut them off and get surgery to get model's legs. just saying.

Anyway, thats me in the last picture standing next to a huge poster of jay park, and i immediately ran up and got my friend to take a picture for me. hehe.

Oh and yesterday, which was saturday, went out with gladys and caughtttttt transformers 3 which was the bomb! just saying. managed to watch a gagafy yourself contest which was hilarious.

But thank goodness we managed to score ourselves 2 tickets to gaga, so im really excited im going to see her!!!!

can you believe it. im going to meet lady gaga.

ps: this was supposed to be uploaded last week but i guess it didnt so.

xx Leah

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