Monday, 13 June 2011

blunt bangs

outfit of the day: top - forever21, shorts - topshop, shoes - dr martens, socks - topshop, bracelets - diva, accessorize

went for the dance bbq yesterday, heat = screwed hair sorry for the terrible pictures. But it was fun meeting up w the dancers andddddd like 'bonding' w our seniors. too bad we only got to know them for like less than half a year? anyway, major fun. success with not getting pushed into the pool, by surrounding myself w electronic things and my huge ass camera. hehe. i think i grew fatter by alot, thanks to the massive amount of food i ate without realising. boo. Me and lixuan were the last j1's to leave, grrrrr she took me away because she lives in bukit batok so she takes 1hr to go home and i don't wna be the only j1 there so i accompanied herrrrr.

Anyway, this is going to be a long post, mostly on me fawning over leighton meester and kstew and the new topshop collection. sigh.

Two of my favourite female icons and actresses, they looked stunning at the mtv movie awards, just saying. don't even try to tell me they don't look fabulous.

I just want every single thing from topshop above. and more. seriously i love the summer collection its so pretty and tribal and colourful. why don't i have enough money to get it all? ):

xx Leah.

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