Tuesday, 7 June 2011

When your bestfriend turns 17.

super cutes here.

 outfit of the day: mustard romper - lockedupstars, belt - mums closet, sandals - ninewest, bag (which is no where to be seen), - topshop.

So it was over a period of two days, that is, Natalie's party. Really too sick right now to post anything proper, so i'll just let the pictures do the talking. Had a bbq the first day at costa sands, major fun because it was the usual girlies. Don't have many flattering photos of me thanks to my by the end of the day, frizzy hair and gross fringe, thanks to the heat.

outfit of the day: black fringe crop top - queensdressing, shorts - topshop (mad love), belt - mum's closet, bag - ashincans, slippers - havaianas.

Second day we had more of a house party, at nat's of course. It was a impromptu sleepover that just sort of happened. Real fun, though they kept scaring me and my weak heart with ghostly nonsense, stayed up until late watching love and other drugs with much of a hottie Jake Gyllenhaal, dreamy.


sorry for squeezing 3 posts into one im rather lazy.

Not gna do an outfit because you can't really see mine and i didn't bother bringing my dslr out so i relied on my horrible iphone camera, what an excuse.

Went out with Vivian and caught pirates of the caribbean, on stranger tides. Kind of get Natalie's obsessive love for johnny depp now, he is kinda hot in a way. Had a major catching up session with Vivian because i've missed her and haven't seen her since we've graduated last year.

And i was pretty sick yesterday so i looked a mess, thanks to my flu, staying at home today and watching gossip girl because i have no energy to do anything else. sigh. Btw check out how sweet vivian is, i was just like inserts aww's here when i saw her message.

Just saying, these are the most gorgeous pair of oxfords ever. From prada's spring collection 2011, i am just dying over them i need to have one. And they are gna cost me a bomb so i was planning on getting a knockoff or as you call it, ''prada inspired' one from this shop but guess what. they ran out of my size.

You don't even know how much i feel like cutting a bitch now. grrrrr.

xx Leah.

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